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Star Craft Patch download

2021-5-28 source:AVA Game Community

Star Craft 1.22 patch, Star Craft 1.16.1 patch, flower screen patch and widescreen high-resolution patch collection, this patch can be used directly covered, players who like StarCraft games should not miss it, hurry to download and use Right!


Star Craft

Instructions for use

The StarCraft 1.16.1 patch includes a version compatible with win 7 and 2000, which can be directly covered.

For Huaping patch, just click to run the registry, pay attention to the registry of the corresponding system.

High-resolution patch, because current monitors are generally 22 inches, this high-resolution patch is needed, just cover it.

1.16.0 version change description:

[New Features]:

The chat history in the game will be saved in the rep, and the private chat history will not be saved.

In the game chat room, the ESC key can clear the chat text.

Use /reply or /r to reply to the last person who chatted with you privately.

[Fixed BUG]:

Fixed localization issues with “from” and “to” in whispers.

SC only occupies the CPU resources it needs.


Star Craft

[Fix the vulnerability]:

Fixed a bug where Z players can increase crystals through building changes.

Fixed a bug where Z players can directly reclaim the building that is being upgraded.

Fixed a bug where Player Z could use Drone to spread slime.

Fixed a bug where Player Z could move Drone through impenetrable terrain.

Fixed a bug where T players could drop atomic bombs at any point on the map.

Fixed a bug where players can pause the game in the game chat room.

New features:

In the game speed options, an option “Enable CPU Limit” has been added. Enabling this option will allow the game to take up lower CPU resources. This option is turned off by default.

Bug fix:

When viewing the dialogue in reply, the speech beginning with the letter r will be mistakenly processed as reply speech.

Remove unnecessary delays when performing palette updates

Reduce the delay caused by the CPU limit function.

Patch download