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[Akira Yamaoka the Medium]2020 Hamang Akira Yamaoka Suzhou Concert

2021-6-25 source:AVA Game Community

  2020 Hamang Akira Yamaoka Suzhou concert,The little partners who have played “Silent Hill” will not be unfamiliar with the owner of this performance.Hamang,This man is issued in the “Silent Hill” soundtrack!This time, he has to unveiled the big cities with his own music!

  Say,Time is returned to one day in 1993,A free musician for 5 years has joined Konami,He is our protagonist today – the mountains.Shankang is graduated in 1986 to the design department of National Tokyo Art University.Learning product design and interior design.Before becoming a game composer,He originally intended to engage in designers.This is a man who looks dry and thin, and the eye is a small man.I have never thought that the future life will be with music.It can be seen that there is sometimes a wonderful encounter.


  After reading the product design,He turned to become a musician.We can’t speculate a person who has a learning industry is because of what opportunity turns to make music.However, at that time, Japan like a mixed fire furnace,Strike of multi-party culture,People’s ideas may have their own personalities.1970s,The rise of the Japanese rising war,The improvement of the material has led to a spiritual huge demand; there are a variety of Western philosophy.Japan is considered full.


  As we all know,It is difficult to define a modern musician music style.Most of their ideas,Will not worry about it,Multiple kit will generally be present.Speaking of the mountains,You will see a lot of keywords: atmosphere, noise, goth, death metal, English rock . we can’t determine the era of a flacked era,What is influencing of mountain swaying; however,From his music,We don’t help to spy the world-like world – the trepidant and eating skin bladder, the could be ugly flesh,And fear and uneasy inner heart.If you think this is very abstract,That maybe you can feel the “Silent Hill” of his work.


  2020 Hamang Akira Yamaoka Suzhou concert,Nowadays, there are also collisions between culture in our China.This time,Let us come to touch the mountains and hostel, this musician from Japan,Will we appreciate what kind of music scenery.

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