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[Kirby Fighters 2]Kirby The Fighters 2

2021-5-28 source:AVA Game Community

  2ND WARNING: This is my first game on Fantendo, if it is bad, then just keep that in mind.

  Kirby The Fighters 2 is a game released for the Nintendo 3DS on 5th July 2018 on the EShop while the physical version is released on 13th July 2018.? This is a sequel to the gamemode in Kirby Triple Deluxe and the deluxe edition on the EShop, and it was given to KillerKirbyCorp to develop.? It was rated E for Everyone/G.? Later it got ported to the Nintendo DSGo

  The gameplay is similar to the original (sub) game with the fact that you have to fight the other Kirbies until you defeat them, becoming the winner of the?round.?

  Move the circle pad to the side?to move left and right, move it up to jump, down to duck and Left and Right on?the D-Pad to use items. You can fly by pressing the X button over and over again and the puff of air you shoot when you drop down will do slight damage if it hits. You can block using the L and R buttons, which has a 5% chance of reflecting attacks back on opponents, doing damage to them, the longer you have your block out, the more likely it is that people can damage you with attacks. A and B are used for attacking, with A used for simple attacks like a stab from Sword Kirby’s sword for example and B used for more intricate attacks such as a spin across the ground from Sword Kirby or turning into a Fireball and rushing across the ground as Fire Kirby, you can aim in each direction for a different attack.

  There are three main Multiplayer game modes, Health Bar Mode, Smash Bros Mode and 3 Vs 3 mode:

  Health Bar mode is the same as the multiplayer mode in the original game.? You have 2 health bars, a Green and a Red one.? When the green healthbar is depleted, you will fall down for a second, then get back up, you will however, be immune from damage for a few seconds.

  Smash Bros Mode is well… Smash bros, you have a?% and you have to rack up damage before launching them.? The max percentage is 999% which would be a real surprise if you do because a slight breeze could kill you then.? You will be immune from damage for 5 seconds after you respawn, as I do not want to take too much from Smash Bros and basically turn this into Smash Bros 4.5, you will only be able to do stock battles

  3 vs 3 mode is where you pick 3 characters at the start who you can swap between during the battle, if you lose all HP/ get launced, you will swap to the next character and will not be able to swap to that ability for the rest of the fight.? This mode can work with either Health Bar, or Smash Bros modes.

  Health Bar Mode: Basicly the same as battles in Kirby Fighters 1

  Smash Bros Mode: You have?% like in Smash Bros

  3 Vs 3:?Pick 3 characters at the start, once one dies, you go to the next character.? Can work with both Health Bar or Smash Bros Mode.

  Race to the finish: Run to a specific point on the map, ?some stages are compatable with this mode while most others are not

  Multiplayer Stadium Modes: basically where Dedede Mode can be played with two people via DS Download Play or Internet connection

  Tournament Mode: Basically Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros

  Story Mode:?A story mode for the game (Story Mode Here)

  Dedede Mode:?Battle through a few rounds of Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Bronto Burt, Noddy and Scarfy.? Then battle Bandana Dee, and finally defeat King Dedede, gives you an alternate costume if you win.

  The Arena: Battle all unlocked fighters, one, after another

  The True Arena: Battle ALL Fighters AND Bandana Dee, King Dedede, Meta Knight and foes in Dedede Mode (Unlocked after unlocking all characters)

  Helpers is a feature that, if you fill up a bar at the bottom of the screen, then you will be able to summon that copy abilities helper to help you for 30 seconds.

  so far, there have been 18 stages announced for Kirby The Fighters 2.? All stages that were in the original Kirby Fighters/Deluxe will appear in a returning stages tab.? Stages that are compatible with Race To The Finish mode will be mentioned in the brackets.

  In Kirby the Fighters 2, you can hold 2 items at a time, they will both be displayed on the bottom screen and you just have to tap them with the stylus or press Left or Right on the D-Pad to use them.

  (This is getting rewritten)

  All Smash Bros Amiibo (Plus a few other popular characters [Waluigi and Toad])

  Kirby -?unlock’s the Miracle Fruit item which can usually only be obtained after beating Story mode

  Meta Knight -?Unlocks a special Meta Knight costume for Sword Kirby

  King Dedede -?Unlocks a special King Dedede costume for Hammer Kirby

  Bandana Dee -?Unlocks a special Bandana Dee costume for Spear Kirby

  Mario -?Unlocks a special Mario costume for Fire Kirby

  Luigi -?Unlocks a special Luigi Costume for Ice Kirby

  Peach – Unlocks a special Peach Costume for Parasol Kirby





  Bowser: Unlocks a Special Bowser Costume for Fire Kirby

  Bowser Jr:

  Link: Unlocks a special Link Costume for Sword Kirby

  Pikachu:?Unlocks a special Pikachu Costume for Spark Kirby


  Charizard: Unlocks a special Charizard Costume for Fire Kirby

  Greninja:?Unlocks a special Greninja costume for Water Kirby

  Lucario:?Unlocks a special Lucario Costume for Fighter Kirby

  Mewtwo: Unlocks a special Mewtwo Costume for ESP Kirby

  Donkey Kong:?Unlocks a special DK Costume for Animal Kirby

  Diddy Kong:

  Fox: Unlocks a special Fox Costume for Laser Kirby

  Falco:?Unlocks a special Falco Costume for Laser Kirby

  Samus:?Unlocks a special Samus Costume for Laser Kirby

  Zero Suit Samus:

  Ness:?Unlocks a special Ness costume for Yo-Yo Kirby

  Lucas: Unlocks a special Lucas costume for ESP Kirby

  Captain Falcon:

  Marth:?Unlocks a special Marth Costume for Sword Kirby

  Ike:?Unlocks a special Ike Costume for Sword Kirby





  ?Mr Game and Watch:?Makes Shadow Kirby look like Mr Game and Watch in Tournament Mode (Same moves however)

  Dataminers looked in the games code and saw evedence of Mike, Wheel, Hi-Jump, Metal and Copy being characters instead of items