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[Virginia Diner Peanuts]Volkswagen Art Network: Inspired to immerse yourself in happiness and hope – Argentina born Switzerland female painter Virginia Garcia Costa series painting

2021-6-25 source:AVA Game Community


  Knowing the world, know where I am,Know that others know how good you are,

  Know that you will know the future, you need to work hard.

  The world is like a family,I don’t divide you, I am not divided into the country.You and I have a wisdom.

  Emotion is the product of humanity,Art is the essence of the product,

  Let you respect the creation of art,More respect you me!

  Volkswagen Art Network has entered the fourth year,

  Thank you for your new and old friends who don’t leave, abandonment.

  Love is good,Suspectedly,

  Art itself is a kind of belief, education and dedication,

  Is a responsibility of life,

  It is a homework in life.

  Is the spiritual world of life,

  It is a common wealth of life.

  When the hunger of the substance is not satisfied,

  The art is nothing,

  When you don’t want to open your own portal,

  The world is nothing.

  When you just want to live in your own world,

  Then others are nothing.

  Look into the world,Human is a family,

  Regardless of you and me,Create together,share together.

  There is a group of people in the spirit of human beings in the world.

  Let us not be lonely, not mediocrity, not hunger.

  Volkswagen art network has a vocation of art,

  The world of mind,Take you on the window of the world,

  I have a good job for artists who struggle for art!

  Thank you all the way,

  Volkswagen art network will not be alone,Only power!

  Volkswagen Art Network / Should be Ping (Traveler, Painter, China Painter)

  Virginia Garcia Costa

  About the painter


  Virginia Garcia Costa is an Argentine female painter living in Switzerland.Wall sculpture made by Virginia is inspired by nature elements.Making her material into a surface that looks like drip or water so that her wall sculpture is truly unique.Her color series is inspired by light and bright colors.It is a way to immerse yourself in happiness and hope.When slightly tilt,Vertical lines give a new three-dimensional sensation.Europe,United States,Canada,Public and private collectors in Asia and the Middle East have acquired her work.


  National Institute of Arts, Nationalmia Nacional de Bellas Artes,ANBA) is an elephant oil painting education.

  (Note: Transferred from the original network artist,Translation by network and manual translation for Chinese)

  Enjoy the appreciation