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[King Keraun Madden]In just 3 minutes to find a failure reason, let you become king

2021-6-26 source:AVA Game Community

  The number of fitness members in China’s entire fitness industry is approximately 70.29 million (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).Under the total population base of 1.4 billion,China’s fitness population penetration is 5.02%,Increased last year 3.19%,From the trend,China is gradually narrowing in China with the United States, Europe.

  In the fitness population,20-30 years old more than 50%,And at 30 years old reached the peak.Fitness has also become part of the trend of young people.


  Do three big fitness everyday card, private education, grazing young.

  Gym, fitness equipment, is one of the daily expenses.Saraced that represents self-discipline of diet has become a daily three meals.It has also become one of the young people’s popular entrepreneurial projects.

  At school,The aerobic exercise in the physical education class can always escape with various excuses.Today, us,The fans gym cannot be extricted fromThe two laps in the gym of the next get off work becomes one of the physical and mental comfort.


  Healthy sexy body = exquisite life

  Gym punch,Peach hip, vermouth line, small waist, biceps in the gym have become a high standard fitness pursuit of gym, and has also become the trend of the fitness circle.


  From 2012-2017 “Fitness” Baidu search index,We found that summer is the peak period of fitness,Winter attention is the lowest.Not difficult to understand,Summer is the season of dulles,People pay more attention to their figure,”Weight Loss” “Shaped” “Muscle” is the three major demands of the fitness group.

  Network A4 waist card, the margin taper has become hot search topic,Young fitness groups participated in the big platform,The “comparative anxiety” brought by the fitness effect also contributed to the fitness boom.

  In your eyes,What is “horizontal” for a person to eat.

  I can smell a egg farting,Most of them are beginning to start the muscles;

  Always buy three five bananas,Most of them are practiced for two or three months;

  Eating skewers like getting beef broccoli,Most of them are practiced for half a year to a year;

  Eat hot pot will put a bowl of white boiling water next to it.Most of them have been practiced for three years;

  More and more people have become a like-minded partner because of fitness.Established his own small group,It will become self-discipline.

  It is unsuccessful,unimportant,It’s full of beliefs.

  After all, the Peng Yuxi, a day, a day, and the Cook of the Mail in the morning. He insisted on running a mile in Zuckerberg, and reads two books. Zhang Ruimin,I have already made a “four masters of self-discipline success”.

  Fitness self-discipline achievement healthy body

  Learning self-discipline achievement excellent self

  Change excellent to a habit,Achievement is higher.