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[Re Zero Show]Helps the development of electricity,Laedana debut in 2021 GT Show

2021-6-27 source:AVA Game Community

  As the domestic top flow modification exhibition,In 2021, GT Show debuted in Suzhou International Expo Center.Unlike the past,This year’s exhibition area is increased to 8 museums,The exotic export area reached 100,000 square meters.Super 400 exhibitors,More than 1,000 exhibitors,Brake, damping, exhaust, surrounding, rim, interior, oil, etc., etc.


  Laedana as a new material brand for highlighted function design and personalization,This year, it is 2021gtshow modified exhibition with the cooperation between Jiqing Sports.The Sports Sports released a new racing simulator product at the GT SHOW – Per01Lite,New equipment except for top-level hardware configurations,The Jin Qing also announced the first to launch the Laedana seat upgrade version on the PE01Lite simulator.Strive to bring the most real racing experience for players,PE01Lite’s minimalism and latedana, which are both beautiful, and the combination of Laedana,Glow out with a different visual experience and tactile experience.


  Laedana is a new material brand,While perfect, NAPPA texture, functionality, customization, water-based environmental protection, etc.The new material is like the appearance and performance of natural leather,It is widely used in the various parts of the car interior.Including seats, steering wheels, door panels, central armrests, ceiling, etc.You can provide customers with an overall solution.In the past two years, it has cooperated with many car brands in the world and provides interiors.Laedana will bring more quality and personalized interior choices for consumers around the world.


  This seat upgrade,Laedana provides a matching plan for different materials for the Jingqing.The whole is mainly black in Laedana brand main color.Seat upgrade uses custom forms,It also supports more customization programs.Compared to the mass production seat selection,The Jin Qing also got the exclusive simulator seat design through Laedana.This is also close to the custom experience of luxury brands.Meet the personalized needs of the market.


  On the GT SHOW site,A racing seat with a new Laedana material attracted a lot of players’ eyes.Black fabric is extremely low,But with the process design of the red suture mating simulator,It is visually slightly slightly dull electronic vision.Overall looks cool,It is very suitable for young people who like special.And when you touch the seat with your hand,Can immediately experience the high level of the material.


  Along with the development of domestic electricity,Racing electric competition has become a new way of life.The players continue to hone improves racing skills through the simulator.The seat is the longest contact time of players and simulators.It is also a space for the player’s most exclusive experience.For a “personality” recognition of a car is largely derived from the visual and tactile experience created by the seat,This is also the main reason for the high-end simulator of Jingchi Sports to choose Laedana.

  Laedana as the world’s top car interior new material brand,Will continue to help the design aesthetics and luxury features of many car events and modified activities.At the same time, with a broader vision of GT Show,More solid style,More development,To continue to output a new pattern of Laedana brand.