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[Kirby Fighters 2]Kirby Fighters 2 Channel

2021-5-28 source:AVA Game Community

  This page archives posts from the English Kirby Fighters 2 channel on Nintendo Switch. These were released from October 7, 2020 to present.

  10/7/2020 (NA)

  The Kirby Fighters? 2 game has officially launched. Whether you’re new to the series or are a returning player, we’re excited to be able to share some tips on how to get the most out of your battles.

  In Kirby Fighters 2, you can choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic -including the brand-new Wrestler ability-and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes, like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede, also make an appearance as playable characters.

  Up to four players can battle on the same system*, with local wireless**, or online***! Choose a free-for-all or team battle and customize the rules like items, stage hazards, and the ability to come back as a ghost in team battles.

  Be sure to check out the new Wrestler copy ability. This is a powerful masked fighter that like to get up close and personal!

  We hope you’ll enjoy battling your way to the top! Have fun, and keep an eye out for our upcoming tips articles.


  In this article, we’ll be discussing team battles!

  Strengthen your friendship in team battles

  While Story Mode allows you to work with a single buddy to scale Buddy Fighters Tower, Battle Mode allows you to play with up to four* fighters! You can gather friends, family, or even computer-controlled players to compete in team battles. Whether you’re playing in local** or online*** modes, sharing victory alongside good friends can we twice as rewarding!

  Charge up the Zap Weapon

  There are plenty of fun items that appear when you play team battles, including the Zap Weapon. By hitting this item, it will charge up with electricity. Once it hits MAX, it will unleash and attack opponents. If you’re able to use this item while in your ghost form and it hits an opponent, you’ll be revived back into battle!

  This is a great item to use when you want to bring a fallen buddy back or stop an opponent in their tracks!

  Buddy Star Blaster

  The Buddy Star Blaster is an item that appears only in team battles. To use it, a fighter and their buddy must combine their two Buddy Star Blaster pieces to emit a barrage of star bullets on their opponents. If the blast hits one or both opponents, it will unleash a powerful attack.

  If you’re having trouble hitting opponents with the star bullets, work with your teammate to target one opponent together. We hope you’ll enjoy some heated battles in the Kirby Fighters? 2 game!

  11/13/2020 (NA)

  Hello, everyone! We hope that you’ve had a chance to battle it out in the Kirby Fighters? 2 game! In this article, we’ll be giving you a few pointers on the Sword ability.

  Getting close to your opponent

  You may have noticed that the Sword ability has a short reach, so the Spin Slash move is a great way to attack closer opponents on either side of you. You can increase your range by jumping forward while using the attack.

  So, if an opponent is closing in on you, try to utilize the jump and Spin Slash move to dodge and counter their attack

  Damage bonus!

  You can unleash a devastating (and relatively simple) combo by using the Drill Stab followed up by the Upward Slash and Down Thrust. The key to this combo is to begin the Drill Stab while you’re farther away from your opponent. The Upward Slash move is extremely effective on opponents that are mid-air, so, at the end of your Drill Stab, use your Upward Slash and finish the combo with the Down Thrust.

  Attack multiple opponents

  The Sky Energy Sword move is the Sword ability’s only long-distance attack. When you use this attack, Kirby will pose like a sword-wielding hero gaining power from the sky, then release a colorful slash towards faraway opponents. Not only can this attack pierce through multiple enemies, but it can also break stop [sic] incoming attacks, so it’s great for opponents that specialize in long-distance attacks!

  Did you know that you can collect in Kirby Fighters 2? By playing, you can earn cool Sword ability hats, like Bade [sic] Knight Helm and Ultra Sword Hat! Each battle will also allow you to earn and accumulate Fighters Points, which you can use to unlock characters, stages, , and Rare Hats.

  11/20/2020 (NA)

  Hello, everyone! In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the Wrestler ability.

  This fighting-style ability makes its debut in the Kirby Fighters? 2 game with 20 moves—the most in the game! Toss your opponents around utilizing various throwing moves!

  The Tackle Grab

  The first move that you might want to learn is the Tackle Grab. By using Dash and then the B Button, you can grab your opponent—even if they’re guarding! This is a particularly effective move against abilities with high defense, like the Bell ability.

  You can utilize the Wrestler ability’s close-range skills by taking control of your opponents with Tackle Grab. Try using Tackle Grab to swing challengers around, throw them, and bounce them off the wall and back into your reach.

  Lift!…and then?

  You can Lift nearby foes by pressing up and the B button. But what do you do once you’re up there? We’re glad you asked! After lifting your opponent in front of you, you can press right on the Left Stick to perform the Giant Swing. However, if your target is behind you, you can Lift and press left on the Left Stick to perform an Air Suplex. This will will slam your opponent into there ground. For additional damage, you can perform the Rolling Breaker by pressing the A Button when you land from the Air Suplex.

  The Flying Grab combo!

  By pressing down on the Left Stick and the B Button, you can perform the Launcher Lariat. This attack move Kirby forward when unleashed, so you can hit opponents from a distance. Once the enemy is in the air, follow it up by pressing up on the Left Stick and the B Button to perform a Flying Grab. After you grab the opponent in the air, hit the A Button before landing to perform the Ultra Back Breaker!

  Rare Hats for Wrestler

  Finally, we’d like to show you two for the Wrestler ability: Sumo Topknot and Roaring Mask. You can battle towards earning these two Rare Hats and more Fighters Points.

  We hope you’ll have fun trying out these moves and combos. Until next time!

  12/9/2020 (NA)

  Hello, everyone! In this article, we’ll be introducing you to Bandana Waddle Dee.

  This spear-wielding members of the Waddle Dees first appeared as a playable character in the Kirby’s Return to Dream Land? game for the Wii? system. Since then, they’ve sort of become a representative of the Waddle Dees.

  It’s time to get a handle of using the spear and find the perfect position to launch your attack!

  Spear Thrust into Multispear Thrust

  For the first combo, keep pressing the B Button to go from a Spear Thrust into a Multispear Thrust. Spear Thrust gives you the long reach needed to overcome Sword Kirby’s Drill Stab or other lunge attacks.

  If your opponent blocks during this combo, stop pressing the B Button to cancel the Multispear Thrust, then press the Y Button to Grab the enemy. Opponents who like to guard should watch out for your Grab!

  Defeat enemies in a flash with Ground Thrust

  You can press the Down Button and the B Button to perform a Ground Thrust and quickly lunge far forward. The long travel distance of this move combine with the spear’s long reach can hit multiple enemies. Plus, if you hold down the B Button while performing the Ground Thrust, you can combo into a Waddle Copter!

  The Waddle Copter’s charge-up time is greatly reduced in this combo, meaning you can perform it right away after launching an enemy into the air with Ground Thrust to do additional damage.

  Rain down spears!

  The longest range of any Bandana Waddle Dee’s attacks belongs to the Waddle Triple Throw. This move lets you throw spears again and again until Bandana Dee touches the ground. So, get on a high platform and rain down spears!

  You can maneuver Bandana Waddle Dee to the left and right while throwing spears, so you’ll be quite a threat as you adjust your positioning to keep opponents in range.

  We hope you’ll have fun trying out these moves and combos. Until next time!

  12/18/2020 (NA)

  Hello, everyone! Today, we’ll be featuring the Staff Ability.

  Staff abilities [sic] first appeared in the Kirby Star Allies? game for the Nintendo Switch? system. These moves became popular for their versatility and ease of use.

  Raging Staff

  Raging Staff is a simple combo that you can start with. All you have to do is repeatedly press the B Button! You can even take advantage of the Staff’s long reach to attach [sic] multiple enemies at once. Since this is a striking technique with a wide attack range, it’s especially powerful when you’re near a wall.

  If the enemy starts guarding, use Gobble then Spit to knock them into the wall. This combo will give you the upper hand by keeping your opponent cornered.

  Unrelenting Staff

  Performing a Pole Vault by pressing the Down Button and B Button in midair delivers an attack with the end of the weapon that also doubles as a method of transportation! It will let you dodge projectile attacks that travel horizontally (like the Water Kirby’S wave Attack water ability), while you close in on an enemy from above.

  You may be an easy target while airborne, but you can defend yourself by repeatedly hitting the B Button to unleashed the Unreleting Staff technique. This attack delivers multiple hits to opponents who are below you. Try to keep using Unrelenting Staff by performing a Pole Vault until you reach the ground. Because you can change direction in midair, you can still turn around and attack.

  And if you miss with Unrelenting Staff, simply stop pressing the B Button to cancel the attack.

  Enemies above? No problem.

  The Spinning Staff attack launches directly upwards, so it’s very effective against any enemies that are above your head.

  But it’s not just for enemies directly above you. You can also attack enemies that are right next to you. This technique is a little tricky to activate since you need to press the Down Button and Up Button then immediately press the B Button, but it’s capable of executing serious damage, even to bosses.

  We highly recommend mastering this technique to help you clear the story mode.

  Don your Rare Staff Hats

  Lastly, we’d like to share an image of the Rare Staff Hats with you.

  are items you can earn by collecting fighter points. You can get the Whispy Headgear, for example, that turns the Staff into a stick with a caterpillar on the end, which Kirby isn’t too fond of. There is also the Cheer Style Hat that puts Kirby in adorable golden pigtails and a skirt.

  Kirby Star Allies players can get the special Zan Partizanne Style Hat that dresses Kirby into Zan Partizanne, one of The Three Mage Sisters, so we hope you get a chance to try it out!

  We hope you’ll have fun trying out these moves and combos. Until next time!

  9/23/2020 (NA)

  It’s Kirby vs. Kirby…vs. Kirby vs. Kirby?! Try to be the last one standing in the Kirby Fighters?2 game!

  Choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic -including the brand-new Wrestler ability-and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters.

  Prove your pink puffball prowess and scale the tower in Story Mode

  Meta Knight and King Dedede having seemingly teamed up to challenge Kirby to a buddy gauntlet! Fight alongside a buddy (player or computer controlled) to scale the tower, choosing helpful items between each round that will power you up for the rest of your ascent.

  Friends can join the fray locally or online

  Up to four players can battle on the same system*, with local wireless, or online**! Choose a free-for-all or team battle and customize the rules to your liking.

  10/21/2020 (NA)

  Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime fan of the Kirby? series, you may not be sure about jumping into the (adorable) battles of the Kirby? Fighters 2 game. Luckily, if you’re looking [sic] get a taste of the fun that awaits, you can download the free demo!

  In this demo, you’ll be able to play the first chapter of Story Mode and Training mode with Sword, Bomb, Staff, and Bandana Waddle Dee. But you won’t have to play alone! This demo supports Local* and Online** modes, so you can play with friends who have the full game.

  About Kirby Fighters 2

  In Kirby Fighters 2, you can choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic -including the brand-new Wrestler ability-and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes, like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede, also make an appearance as playable characters.


  Get ready to prove your pink puffball prowess—the next competition is on the way!

  By participating in the next Tetris? 99 19th MAXIMUS CUP online event, players can earn an in-game theme inspired by the Kirby Fighters? 2 game. During the event, collect 100 event points by playing matches in Tetris 99 mode to unlock the in-game theme.

  The event will be:

  1/7 (Thur.) 11 a.m. PT to 1/11 (Mon.) 10:59 p.m. PT

  You can learn more details at tetris99.nintendo.com.

  Good luck, everyone!

  1/8/2021 (EU)

  From 08:00 CET on January 8th until 07:59 CET on January 12th, an online event will be held in TETRIS? 99: the TETRIS? 99 Grand Prix 19.

  This time, you’ll have a chance to earn a special Kirby Fighters 2 theme!

  Each round lets you earn points, with more awarded the higher you place. If you reach 100 points, you’ll receive the event-exclusive theme to use in TETRIS? 99 permanently!

  The channel’s title contained a typo on its first three articles: It is called the Kirby Fighter 2 Channel. This changed on the fourth article, released on November 20, 2020.

  The third channel post erroneously refers to the Sword Dive move as “Down Thrust.”

  The fifth channel post erroneously names “Waddle Triple Throw” as Bandana Waddle Dee’s attack with the longest range, but then describes the Waddle Spear Barrage move.