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[natural motion]Introducing RUBJOY?

2021-7-8 source:AVA Game Community

  SHERIDAN, Wyo., June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Winkgrin LLC. has combined advanced robotics and wild fantasies to create RUBJOY?—a robotic pleasuring device controlled in real-time by an easy-to-use smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth to the advanced robotics microcontroller.

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  rubjoy robot

  rubjoy robot

  rubjoy app

  rubjoy app

  RUBJOY?’s arms are driven by two powerful metal geared digital servo motors that do all the hard work while men sit back and enjoy as sensations of ultimate pleasure flow through them. The stroker sleeve is rubber-mounted to the robot arms providing flexibility. It simulates a natural motion because it can twist and tilt while it goes up and down, moving in a gyrational and swiveling pattern. The male pleasure device can learn one or more moves that it’s taught, repeats them in the exact same manner, and continues to do so over and over again.

  ”Most toys are built with everything inside some sort of case which restricts motion. To get the movement actions we wanted, we had to try a different approach—the mechanical arms had to be exposed on the outside, and the stand needed to be adjustable—so that’s why our machine looks like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s like a robotic wrist that can hold and manipulate a masturbation sleeve, so you don’t have to,” said the creators of RUBJOY?.

  Compact, quiet, and AC-powered, the novelty sex toy is very durable and repairable. It is capable of providing more than 200 strokes per minute and the full length of each stroke can be as long as 6 inches. A universal tripod mount attachment and a 360-degree adjustable stand are included.

  Apart from being programmable, users can create patterns and save them and share them with other RUBJOY? users. RUBJOY? has two modes. The first one incorporates manual operation with full, exact, and real-time control over the motions. The second one allows the solo session hands-free by replicating pre-recorded motions.

  RUBYJOY? is welcoming affiliates. Those interested please create an account on Rubjoy.com and select My Account for details.

  For more information about the male pleasure robot, visit rubjoy.com/


  Title: Public Relations Manager


  E-mail: [email?protected]

  Phone: 800-381-5795

  Website: rubjoy.com/?