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[monster hunter riders]First Impressions: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Is An RPG Of Monstrous Potential

2021-7-10 source:AVA Game Community


  1dBackLash6 days ago

  I missed out on the first one because I’ve never owned a DS. Looking forward to this one.

  Btw I can’t be the only one who really hates the word “monstie” right?



  2Rayquaza25106 days ago

  Can’t wait for this one, played the original on 3DS and later replayed that on my phone.

  P.S. take notes Gamefreak, if Capcom can make a better looking game on Switch than you do, then step up your game (this based on the Pokémon comment from the article)

  Anyhow I do hope this game is as good or better than the first one, was a little disappointed with Rise (less content than World and Generations Ultimate being my reason) so I need something good from Monster Hunter now.



  3tntswitchfan686 days ago

  again all 3rd parties pay attention. this is how you do a third party game for switch. capcom does it again. MH RISE, MH STORIES 2 , SMTV, No More Heros 3. and Mario Rabbids Spark of Hope. these are not some watered down ports like EA Soccer. these are great quality games. more 3rd parties need to step up or get out. great job Capcom.



  4Kid_Sickarus6 days ago

  @dBackLash little help now, I know, but it was on sale on android and ios a few weeks ago (£3.50/ £5). Could be worth keeping an eye for a discount again?



  5Rayquaza25106 days ago

  @Kid_Sickarus absolutely, got it myself back then and it was well worth the money.



  6Jey8876 days ago

  Real glad that this is getting a demo. Monster Hunter has been my second favourite franchise for over a decade. I never played the first one so the demo will help determine if this is for me. On paper it sounds perfect but I’m still not sold on the battle system. For anyone that played the first one; is it more engaging/ difficult than modern Pokemon?



  7Rayquaza25106 days ago

  @Jey887 based on my own experience, and I am not a pro in RPGs.

  Monster Hunter Stories has a more classic RPG feel than Pokémon in my opinion, it is not extremely difficult but if you mess up, you will lose a battle because the game is not that forgiving.

  Meanwhile with Pokémon (from the very first game until Black 2 and White 2) I can breeze through them without dying even once, I am not even starting about X&Y up to S&S where even trying to die fails because they are THAT easy.



  8DennisNOR6 days ago

  Cant wait to get my copy on release, looks like a ton of fun



  9mariomaster966 days ago

  Really looking forward to July 9th, this game looks exactly like my kind of game



  10NESlover856 days ago

  You lost me at “Monstie”.



  11Rayquaza25106 days ago

  @NESlover85 why that?



  12Daniel366 days ago

  I am def getting this.



  13iuli6 days ago

  “Monstie’ (a term used to distinguish friendly monsters from your bog-standard common or garden monster)” Wha-wha-what?



  14RoguePirate6 days ago

  @tntswitchfan68 huh? You’re post is a bit confusing but i understand what you mean, but you’ve made it sound like all those games where made by Capcom.

  Capcom didn’t make SMT 5 (Atlus), or No More Heroes 3 (Grasshopper) or Mario & Rabbids (Ubisoft).

  But yeah i agree Capcom are doing good atm, shame it took them 4 years, all their games before MH Rise were over priced ports. Like $30 for a port of Res Evil 4 that didn’t even have Gyro…



  15Octane6 days ago

  This game as been posed as a Pokemon clone so much that I’ll probably be disappointed when I find out it isn’t. Will definitely try the demo first.



  16Rpg-lover6 days ago

  Haven’t we heard and see all this in the treehouse?



  17Jango-Forest6 days ago

  I hate the term, “monstie”, but I also quite like it.



  18the_beaver6 days ago

  I really hope this game turns out to be great. It has a lot of potential, but I’m afraid they’ve been too much conservatives, and it would have been better to change some things, instead of just improve them. I hope I’m wrong and everything works great with this one.



  19Ralizah6 days ago

  ”This is important because if an enemy is targeting you (which the game also kindly highlights) and you decide to target them back, you’ll enter a head-to-head situation, whereby the winner of the conflict – through the rules of the three attack types we just mentioned – will get to attack, and the loser will deal no damage whatsoever, which can be crippling for said loser.”


  This just sounds awful, considering you don’t know how the enemy will attack. I wish they’d ditch this awful system.



  20Ashunera846 days ago

  Monstie is a portmanteau of “monster” and “bestie”. It’s not just trying to sound cute, there’s actually a meaning there.



  21Ashunera846 days ago

  @Ralizah most monsters in the original only used one type. Some had a pattern or other tells to let you know if they aren’t using their preferred type. Even if your damage is nullified, the rest of your party can still attack.

  In the original, head-to-heads still dealt damage if you lost them, it would just drain the rider gauge. They could also be avoided by attacking a different target or using a skill.



  22RoguePirate6 days ago

  This game is the result of Pokemon and Dragon Quest 11 having a child together at the Monster Hunter hospital.

  Not sure if I’m going to give this a chance, some of the mechanics sound like a nightmare. I’ll see how it reviews.

  But like @Ralizah just said, that sounds terrible.



  23Azuris6 days ago

  Capcom, if you can make RPGs, bring us Breath of Fire VI



  24Ralizah6 days ago

  @Ashunera84 Well, we’ll see. I’ll definitely be playing the demo, so hopefully it gives you a taste of the combat. If an enemy attacks the same way every time, it just seems like it’d have the opposite problem, though: you always know how to react to it, and they never get to hurt you.

  Otherwise, battles sound like they’re chained to trial and error where you’re not doing damage half the time until you learn whatever their “pattern” is.

  Maybe it’s not as aggravating in practice in this entry, although I remember not liking battles in the original (for the few hours I played it, anyway), so we’ll see.

  @RoguePirate I hate it, because literally everything else about this game looks unbelievable. The story seems emotional. The presentation is really impressive. The music is nice. It looks like my ideal Pokemon-style game. EXCEPT FOR the combat.

  Maybe I’ll adapt to it. People have told me that the combat improved over the course of the original, so we’ll see here.

  With that said, an otherwise great game can’t survive a sufficiently horrible combat system. I learned that with the original Ni no Kuni recently.



  25Lord6 days ago

  Why no collectors edition in the UK?



  26quigtendo6 days ago

  @Ralizah I’ve tried so hard to love Ni No Kuni but the battling is so clunky and doesn’t feel intuitive.



  27PBNightmare6 days ago

  Can’t wait to try the demo. I hope it gives more of a feel to the game than the Monster Hunter Rise demo did.



  28Ralizah6 days ago

  @quigtendo It’s really broken. The biggest problem is that opening menus doesn’t freeze or slow down combat, like in, say, FFVII Remake. Combat is MISERABLE until the Defend All skill is introduced, and even then, you’re barely given time to react to enemy superattacks.

  Really charming, beautiful game otherwise, but it’s hard to play a game where the combat massively sucks.

  Thankfully, I don’t think Stories 2 will get to that point, even if I end up not liking the combat.



  29the_beaver6 days ago

  @Ashunera84 I’d say “monstie” is a small monster, same as “beastie” is a small beast XD. It’s as simple as that, I think. They’re small monsters, after all.

  I don’t know why people get so surprised with that word, and always use beastie as if it sounded much better lol



  30bozz6 days ago

  @quigtendo Not to mention the AI being largely braindead in the decisions it makes.



  31Onkel_Laser6 days ago

  Is the combat-system exactly like in the first one on the 3DS? Because I didnt find it “rather excellent”, I found it a bit random at times. The Rock-Paper-Scissor-System didnt allow much mistakes for instance and some Boss-Fights did vary in their attacks, so you literally had to gamble.



  32rjejr6 days ago

  Pre-ordered the game yesterday, trying to avoid as much as possible before the demo.

  From what I’ve seen on Treehouse the battle system did look like Miitopia, which is not good, so I’m glad theres a demo coming. Also, AnyType keyboard and I do not agree, time to try a new one.



  33tntswitchfan686 days ago

  @RoguePirate sorry about that i know ubisoft and atlus made the others and suda 51. just typing fast and not putting all the names in.



  34Tyranexx6 days ago

  Definitely looking forward to this one! I enjoyed the first game, though I would recommend playing that one for its world and mechanics, not the plot; the plot wasn’t bad per se, but it was very formulaic. Like Saturday morning cartoon formulaic. I enjoyed the combat for the most part, though I hope they’ve ditched the randomly triggered button-mashing head-to-heads. I also agree with other commenters and hope the attack triangle is more refined and less random this time around. Going by this piece, it appears some improvements have been made.

  Finally….Seriously, stop with the Pokemon comparisons. The two series are very different. Sure, both are turn-based RPGs that involve monster collecting, but that’s where any similarities end. I say this as both a longtime Pokemon fan and a relatively new Monster Hunter fan.



  35Dualmask6 days ago

  I love Monster Hunter, and I love turn-based RPGs. I’m also not the kind of person who shies away from a game just because of some family-friendly, even childish aspects (I love Kirby games). But…’monstie’? I… I just don’t know if I can with that. And that cat thing too…hmm. That’s going to make it a tougher sell. Haha.



  36Radbot426 days ago

  The reason that Navirou looks different is a bit of a spoiler for Monster Hunter Stories 1. If you want to know why he looks different go here and read the second paragraph of the background.


  I could post it here but I don’t want to force spoilers, especially if they are supposed to be a surprise for 2.



  37Ludovsky6 days ago

  @Rayquaza2510 Tbh while Rise does have less content than World+Iceborne… it actually has more content already that World did at release.

  Just as much maps overall in general(bar maybe “boss arenas” that are restricted to a single monster like World’s Confluence of Fate being the are where Xeno J’iiva is exclusively fought… and only Xeno J’iiva iirc is fought there for that matter).

  And already much more monsters than World did even after all it’s pre-iceborne update(and that’s including crossover monsters like Behemoth and Leshen which weren’t neccessarily all appreciated because of their origins outside the Monster Hunter universe).

  If I’d say Rise has any “issues” it’s mostly that the removal of tracking made hunts a BIT too fast, but at the same time the lenghty process is a thing that rubbed a certain amount of players the wrong way. The only other is, proportions wise, perhaps being a BIT too generous in Low-Rank distribution of monsters. On one hand I actually welcomed low-rank feeling meaty again after world, but on the other it did come at the cost of High Rank feeling more sparse even with the inclusion of returning Elders Dragons in the 2.0 and 3.0 updates.

  Now it remains to be seen what event quests will be like, since it does seem this summer’s quests will bring back the tradition of some event quests introducing new themed gears. And them taking pre-World games’ approach of being permanently available once introduced rather than cyclical “you must absolutely do the quest within this time period or else you need to hope it returns the next season” of World. I wouldn’t also be surprise if we saw some (in individual fashion) additional monsters return after the summer as well, once Stories 2 has been given a run to install itself and when Rise could try to to use the “refresher” such updates could bring as well.

  All of this said I personally like Rise a lot, I’ve just done a hiatus on it because one of my friend is taking a pause(not because of content: the intensity of Monster Hunter combat is just not something he can do over long stretches and he’s migrating from using mouse+keyboard on PC to gamepad for the first time) amongst other things.

  However I’m also REALLY looking forward to Stories 2. I loved the first on 3DS and what it did to the monster “collection” genre in term of battle mechanics(treating your monster as a bona fide companion you need to listen to yourself, to better synergize attack with them, rather than a minion who mindlessly follow all of your orders like a drone). So getting a sequel expanding on that system is something I’ve been looking forward since a while.



  38roy1303906 days ago

  @Jey887 What Rayquaza told you is pretty much spot on about the single player. PVP is another part to consider and it was quite awesome.

  @Ralizah Let’s hope it does deliver to you. Demo probably won’t be enough to reach the full potential of the combat but I think that there’s still a good chance that you end up finding it not as bad or even a bit engaging even if it isn’t your preferred choice. If not, well at least you gave it a try. Unfortunately sometimes games don’t click with us despite of how much praise they get from other people (looking at you, Skyrim).



  39Lugazz6 days ago

  @Ralizah Combat might seem strange, but definitely check out the demo!



  40TheRenegade9086 days ago

  Can’t wait! Rise was my first MH but I’ve always been a Pokémon guy… this seems right up my alley. Also those wide open areas look fantastic! Day 1



  41SwitchForce6 days ago

  Another Zelda looking and I like it.



  42Bobb6 days ago

  Glad to know I’m not the only one who dislikes Navirou, but sad to hear he still is his very annoying self



  43Rayquaza25106 days ago

  @Ludovsky Base World excluding updates and tempered monster had 31 monsters.

  Rise excluding updates and Apex has 34.

  I like World more than Rise (disclaimer I like 4 Ultimate and Generations Ultimate more than any MH game) because the environments are bigger, but also because World did a lot of stuff better than the old games (mostly online, but also the maps and hunting for monsters).

  (More about online experience at the bottom)

  But also don’t forget this, base World had also much more quests (story, optional, investigations and events + specials) while Rise has less, I have no reason to grind for anything in Rise because of that (even older games did this better)

  I could name more reasons but I don’t want to, this is enough and also the biggest reasons I like World more than Rise, I explained multiple times why but most people ignore that and say Rise is better, each to their own and I respect that.

  But while I respect that others like Rise, and even while Rise is a fun game (it is), I like World more because Rise messed up some stuff World did better (online being the biggest one).

  I like World more than Rise, but I like 4 Ultimate and Generations Ultimate even more, because while being more clunky and older than World, I do have plenty of reasons to like them many times more.

  Even better I like World more than 3 Ultimate, but like 3U more than Rise, if I had to put all MH games in a list it would be something the following.

  1. 4U/GU

  2. Iceborne

  3. World

  4. 3rd Portable

  5. 3U

  6. Rise/Unite (never been a fan of Unite)

  7. Freedom

  Didn’t put some of them like Generations because I didn’t play them enough, or skipped them to the next game.

  But no MH game is bad in my opinion, there is for me more like “this one is better than the other one, but they all have their charm”

  And if any MH game got a ton of ciritque by me it would be World, GU had a ton of monsters and G rank, World kindly ignored that all so even while it did a lot well, I hated it at the start.

  Iceborne made me like it much more, and the only reason I gave Rise the slack for making it’s mistakes was because I expected Capcom to make them, with World it wasn’t the case so I was harsher against it.

  Every one has their opinion, and mine is that Capcom made to many mistakes with Rise, most of them the bad ones World made.

  But many of the stuff World DID well they ignored, if that wasn’t the case I am sure Rise would end up in my list at least next to Iceborne, which says a lot because I like iceborne because it fixed mistakes World made.

  And I expect a G-Rank/Master Rank DLC do the same for Rise, however I am less forgiving this time, because I don’t want Capcom to on purpose release a “meh” MH game because they fix it in a paid DLC.

  They should go back with making the games good from start, and that is my biggest issue with World (that started it) and Rise.

  Pretty much this, opinions will always differ but again for those that skipped to the bottom, I like Rise but not enough.

  P.S. Rise is just as fun online with friends but not strangers. I like the whole online system World came with including their version of SOS Requests, those gave me by far the most play time in World.

  I hope Capcom brings (maybe with that paid DLC I expect) the World style hubs and SOS Requests back, and I would love to see more optional, more event, more specials and investugation quests too, that as Rise is the very first MH game since Unite I spend less than 100 hours on and “put it back on shelf”

  They can make it better, but I hope they learn from these mistakes and don’t repeat them for the 3rd time if there is a new main MH game again.

  (sorry for my long and half sleepy comment, had a long day)



  44TheFox6 days ago

  It doesn’t bother me that this exists. And while I appreciate the palicos and general Japanese silliness in Monster Hunter games, I have a limit to how much cuteness I’m willing to accept. All things in moderation. And Pokemon has never resonated with me.



  45Mince6 days ago

  @dBackLash The first games on ios AppStore now.



  46Thatsalie6 days ago





  47Rpg-lover6 days ago

  @Thatsalie busted indeed



  48MisstressBrea6 days ago

  Got the Collector’s Edition preordered and can’t wait!



  49Ludovsky6 days ago

  Edit: also I see you mentioning wishing that Capcom bring SOS join requests? I… thought that’s what “join request” in Rise already was, just under a different name and with the visual of sending your cohoot instead of a flare. You can even set your quest as open for anyone outside your hub to join straight from when you post the quest? Meanwhile you can go to the quest board itself to join just anybody(not just those in your hub) online by picking either random or specific quests to try and find active groups online rather than just monster targets(iirc how the old SOS board functionned). So the mechanic is very much there still?

  @Rayquaza2510 To be honest though I feel it’s kind of hard to compare any of the games (as they are released now) to “Ultimate” editions and say “G-Rank DLC like Iceborne fixed” World because ultimately…. “Ultimate” editions were themselves basically glorified DLC before that was actually a thing.

  It’s just that ever since 3U(iirc?) we only got the Ultimate edition of the game and it took until Generations on 3DS before we got a non-ultimate edition of a game(and Generations Ultimate on Switch was when we thus got the Ultimate “DLC” for Generations…. just one we had to play on a completely different console for as a full game purchase).

  I do expect us to get a Iceborne equivalent for Rise as well, but it’s also why I find it harsh to compare the game to non-DLC versions of the title.

  Also quest-wise a friend noted that the “mistake” Rise did was that a lot of the sometimes optional/essential quests of past titles were turned into “side-activities” type of quests done outside the traditional quest menus but instead as activity that can be done alongside an existing quest(akin to bounties in World/Iceborne).

  This is mostly notable with egg deliveries quests being almost entirely turned into this optional bounties system and side-“quests”(quotation mark for a reason) you tackle not through the quest menu itself but through this “bounty” system that require you to do them during your other quests or expeditions.

  I recall they were many player’s most disliked quest types so I can see why they might tried to figure out a compromise where they’re still a gameplay mechanic but also not as “mandatory” as before.

  Such stuff definitely likely contributed to Rise feeling smaller. This said on map sizes I’m a bit undecided…. maps in World definitely felt larger, especially in term of “layers”… but that primarily applied to the Ancient Forest and often the size played more in the almost “hallways” nature of connection between “rooms” of the maps whereas the actual rooms of the map were often restrictive compared to many past maps. Plus a lot of the artificial boundaries of the terrain often applied.

  In pure x/y/z coordinate sizes, Rise maps are indeed smaller but much much more of their space is actually “useable” than World’s maps I felt. Literally with the mobility mechanics, usually, if it’s within the confine of the maps it can be visited…. even if it would seem to be only background when seen from the bottom of the “room” so to speak. And while some maps have a smaller number of “rooms” than World’s, I feel that overall most rooms are more spacious than those seen in World which feel kind of easier to maneuver in, kinda closer to older games which is probably why some of them are actually remakes of maps from 3U in fact(Sandy Plains/Flooded Forest).

  Of course a lot of this can be a matter of personal tastes.

  And honestly with how both World(especially that later with Iceborne) and Rise technically introduced their own hunting styles(all the integrated clutchclaw/slinger weapons moves in Iceborne, and the silkbind/wirebug mobility in Rise) mechanics, I feel like that’s something the franchise intend to play upon a lot. Not for future titles to “replace” previous titles but instead just become a different flavor of Monster Hunter such that older titles all remain just as valid due to their own unique flavors of maps, mechanics and monster selections.

  In fact it’s having played World and Rise and THEN seeing videos of Generations Ultimate in action that made a friend tempted to try that one someday since “it’s older than the newer titles but gosh the fighting just look like it was still already there”.



  50xiao76 days ago

  Need the first 1 on switch before I get this. Feel like i’m missing something.



  51NEStalgia6 days ago

  Monstie Hunter

  For when you need so much saccharine you need it delivered intravenously.



  52dBackLash6 days ago

  @Kid_Sickarus ty for the tip, I didn’t know it was on mobile!



  53LA_Blue6 days ago

  really hope you can change the voice acting in this game! if so i see amazing potential!! (game is already fantastic, but the fact part 1 had the monster hunter language / Japanese was the cherry on top. i know i’m going to get sick of Navirou’s english voice)



  54Amin_Parker6 days ago

  I bet this game is going to be absolutely fantastic. It may very well be the best game of the summer



  55FatWormBlowsASparky6 days ago


  It came out on the 3DS if you have one of those.



  56Chocobo_Shepherd6 days ago

  I can’t wait for this game and the online co-op!!!!! Stick it in my veins, Capcom!!!!



  57tseliot6 days ago

  A great pre-review from NL translates into a 7 out of 10 on the final review. Prove me wrong.



  58Diogmites5 days ago

  MHS 1 was my goty in 2017 and I am excited for this release. I think the first game was given a raw deal by a handful of YouTubers who gave the game a bad score and clearly didn’t play past the tutorial as some of their information was factually inaccurate.

  I also think the first game suffered from its cartoonish graphical style. Monster Hunter on 3ds had a lot of young players who doubtlessly prided themselves on being into such an advanced game that did not pander to younger audiences.

  Also, it’s okay to hate Navi. He’s the actual worst.



  59BlackenedHalo3 days ago

  it’s 2021 and I cannot still adjust the HUD in this game at all….



  60egervari3 days ago

  The framerate was too choppy and uneven, and the camera controls feel really weird to me that I’m going to pass. The framerate is mostly around 20fps, and I’ve seen it go as low as 14fps and higher in rare situations where there is not much to render, or in menus or the map screen. I wish it wasn’t a switch console exclusive. It would probably look gorgeous on my xbox series x.

  There is a PC version… but I don’t PC game very much these days.


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