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[Subway Surfers]Best Subway Surfers Tips To Enhance Your Experience

2021-7-14 source:AVA Game Community


  Subway Surfers is one of the most popular mobile games out there. Since its launch in 2012, it has garnered millions of users among smartphones owners. It is a great game for relaxing, but it can also get quite competitive. If you are hoping to get better at Subway Surfers, here are a few gameplay tips to improve your surfing in the subway.

  Personally, I have a shameful amount of experience playing Subway Surfers and even watching other people play the game. A rookie mistake I have noticed a lot of people doing is using a single finger. Although that might seem intuitive, it is not the most efficient way. I recommend that you play with two fingers, because that enables you to swipe easily in all directions and focus entirely on the game.

  Running on trains brings a lot more advantages than running at ground level. If you stay on the ground, you have reduced mobility and much higher chances to get hit by an incoming train or one of the many obstacles. Also, you should learn to jump and swipe to be a proper train runner.

  Hoverboards are one of the most important features in Subway Surfers. This will let you prolong your runs, even after crashing head-first into something. Make sure to keep your hoverboard meter recharged in case of emergency and be ready to activate it when you sense danger.

  Keys are useful if you want to revive your character after death in a run. Using keys time and time again in a single run will make you run out faster, however, so make sure to be conservative with this tool. Only use them if you are close to a goal.

  If you’ve encountered the freezing issues, here is how to fix it.