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[Mothergunship]Mothergunship Xbox One review: DOOM meets Rogue, and it’s glorious

2021-7-19 source:AVA Game Community

  In Mothergunship, you take control of a soldier tasked with boarding the space vessels of alien robots and murdering them. To accomplish this, you need two things: a good suit of armor, and some weapons. Luckily, the game emphasizes both, and frequently gives you opportunities to create your own loadouts. You will randomly come by weapons caches when inside enemy ships that contain gun parts for you to collect, and your armor can be upgraded between missions.

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  The freedom allowed when crafting is incredible, especially with firearms. By limiting the process to three parts — connectors, barrels, and statistic-altering mods — making a weapon is easy and fun. If you wanted to, you could create a gun with forty barrels. Crazy things like this are balanced out by Mothergunship’s energy system. As you make weapons more ridiculous, they burn through energy quicker and you’ll need to wait for it to recharge frequently. In this regard, you’ll be balancing raw power with the length of time you can shoot.

  When you’ve finished making your new toys, it’s time to play with them. The gunplay in Mothergunship is fluid, as is your movement; it reminded me of DOOM 2016. Mastering both mechanics is crucial to success as you will often be fighting over a hundred enemies. Dodging the unending barrage of enemy attacks while taking them out with your own is exciting and intense, and thanks to the randomly-generated design of Mothergunship’s levels, no two areas are the same.

  However, it isn’t without some issues. The random nature of the game is mostly a good thing, but there are times where you’re faced with a situation where it’s impossible for you to win based on whether or not you got lucky and picked the right guns for the fight. If this happens several times in a row, it can be frustrating, but that only happened once during my playthrough.