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[Far Cry 4]Our July 4 will be a far cry from firecrackers

2021-7-21 source:AVA Game Community









TODAY’S WORD is recalcitrance. Example: Dobbin showed some recalcitrance about moving to another paddock and leaving behind the donkey and goat she had shared space with for the past several months.

FRIDAY’S WORD was taciturn. It means temperamentally disinclined to talk. Example: The newest member of the school board was rather taciturn when asked about his qualifications to be appointed and goals for his tenure.

So are you a little let down that there will be no major fireworks show in the region next weekend? Perhaps a church or fire department will set off a few fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence — after some of us would suggest there are two nights appropriate for sizzle this year — but we haven’t heard a peep.

The Martinsville Speedway always hosted our big to-do, of course, with rides and music and food. That was red-flagged last year because of you-know-what, and then this year the Speedway is throwing all of its horsepower behind hosting the new Henry County Fair. We don’t begrudge that, because it will be great to have a fair in September, and the Speedway will have a race that weekend, too.

Then the Martinsville Mustangs, who often have had big shows after games on July 4th, will be on the road. The Mustangs did say they would shoot off some booms on July 24.