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Dap: Prologue -Evaluation

2021-8-6 source:AVA Game Community

Dap: Prologue is a short dive into the eerie world of Dap, the upcoming horror-action-adventure about protecting a pack of fragile creatures against the creeping corruption tainting the woods and its inhabitants. Lead, scavenge, and fight, in a race for survival against otherwordly horrors.

Pikmin meets Silent Hill.

You control a small group of…people? Who from me thinks is pollen. There are only a few mechanisms in this demo, and they are different from what I expected. This definitely makes me feel similar to traveling through the dark world in Metroid Prime 2, but the mechanics used here are quite different.

Nothing is fully explained to you. who are you? Where are you? What are you, what is your person? The ending trailer gave a vague hint that made me clamor for more. The gameplay introduces “this button performs this action”, but does not explain the complete mechanism of your mobile settings. When I was one of my team, I felt very unhappy. “Pikmin” style followers already have some interesting uses, including a section that requires you to learn new attributes of game mechanics without providing any direct dialogue or visual tutorials. There seem to be few save points, forcing you to avoid fighting and respond carefully to threats. Don’t like the explosion(?) fruit objects that will damage you, especially because they appear too late in the demo.

My only criticism is the lack of available options. Hope to see more graphics/control settings, such as rebindable keys, even though the game itself is perfect for me. All in all, I am very eager to see whether the final product can maintain the fear and momentum established in the demo/Chapter 1.