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[fb lite apk]Facebook Dark Mode has disappeared or has been removed from the Android app …

2021-8-8 source:AVA Game Community

  The main points of the video-formatted article are as follows:

  A new update has been added at the end of this story …

  The original story (published May 5, 2021) is as follows:

  Facebook recently introduced a dark mode theme to iOS and Android applications after beta testing its features for some time.

  Dark mode not only reduces eye strain, but also helps reduce battery drain on devices with AMOLED screens.

  Users have been able to use this feature without any issues so far, but many Facebook users using Android apps seem to report that the Dark Mode option has been removed or disappeared.


  There was an update two days ago, but today the dark mode is completely gone. I can’t find it in the settings and now my eyes are bleeding. (((Source).

  Where did Facebook’s Dark Mode go? When I opened the app, I was blind. (((Source).

  It’s a personal attack that @Facebook removes Dark Mode from Android apps, f *** (Source).

  Reportedly, the Dark Mode option has been removed after the Facebook app was recently updated. However, it is not possible to determine the exact version that may have been deleted.

  Some dissatisfied users have even visited the Google Play store to disseminate information about removing dark mode from the Facebook app for Android.



  Facebook hasn’t yet shared details about the sudden removal of dark mode from the Android app.

  That said, there are some workarounds you can try to run Dark Mode again in your app.

  The workaround also includes some troubleshooting steps. Therefore, you should first try a simple troubleshooting step to see if the problem goes away.

  Clear app data and cache: [設定]Go to[アプリ]Tap (labels may vary by OEM skin),[Facebook]Tap[ストレージ]Choose. Clear the cache and data and restart the app.


  If you still can’t get Dark Mode with the Facebook app for Android, try the other workarounds listed below.

  Install the old version. To do this, you need to download an older version of the Facebook app that Dark Mode will continue to work. Redditor has been confirmed to work with app version 317.



  You can download the APK file with the heading Here..

  Force Dark Mode: You can also force Dark Mode in the Facebook app via your device’s developer settings. See the video shared below for instructions on how to do this.

  Caution: The video is in Hindi.

  Now, these are workarounds that you can try to enable Dark Mode in the Facebook app for Android until the company fixes it.

  As always, I’ll post updates as there is further progress.

  Joining Beta with another user-shared video is another workaround to regain Dark Mode, which for some reason doesn’t show up after the latest update.

  Looking at the reports posted on the microblogging site, it seems that the latest update has removed dark mode from Facebook for the majority of users.

  The good thing is that Facebook spokespersons have it indirectly Admitted Problem saying:

  We are aware that some people may not have access to certain features of Facebook’s Android app

  They further added:

  We are working to get it back to normal as soon as possible.

  This issue has been resolved, but downgrading to an earlier version may be a solution for the affected people. That said, the update also seems to have removed the Dark Mode option from the iOS app. But Facebook hasn’t confirmed the same yet.

  For app users, the options seem to be starting to show up again. Here is a portion of the report:

  Dark mode does not revert to fb. Check the settings.


  Facebook app AAAAHHH is finally back in dark mode !!!!


  The problem continues to occur, but at least on iOS devices, here’s how to bring back the Dark Mode feature:

  Uninstall the Facebook app and then reinstall it. If you don’t see Dark Mode, slide your finger up a little from the bottom of the home screen to kill the app and swipe up on the Facebook app.

  Then go to Device Settings, go to the Apps section and select Facebook. In the app settings, turn on “Upload HD video” and “Upload HD photo”.Strange, but this Reportedly It works, so you can try it on your iPhone unit.

  It seems that the dark mode of the Facebook Android app is ruined again as it can be seen by many users I complain About the option being missing again. Take a look at some of the recent reports:

  Oh, Facebook’s dark mode is gone again



  Stop using dark mode



  Dark mode is gone again! Well, come on!


  Similar reports can be found in the review section of List of Play Store.. Also, according to the report, uninstalling and reinstalling the app has no effect.

  I used to see reports from Android app users, but now I can see iPhone users complaining about the dark mode disappearing again. The following are some of the recent reports.

  After updating my iPhone, Facebook no longer returns to dark mode. #Facebook #DarkMode #iOS # ios14



  Bring dark mode back to the iPhone app I hate the white look and always use dark mode


  Facebook Dark Mode disappears again


  Dark mode seems to continue to be available in the light version of the Facebook app. Therefore, users of the standard version can try it if the above features are missing.

  I just returned to FB (for work) and found that the Lite app version was better.

  – The Facebook app did not find Dark Mode (I don’t know if it exists). Dark Mode on Facebook Lite was easy to find.

  – I wasn’t able to send the file via the Messenger app, but I was able to send it using Messenger Lite.

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