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[yy salon]Nesbit Salon in The Fan District is Closed

2021-8-12 source:AVA Game Community








  Karri Peifer

  After 19 years in business, Nesbit Salon at 2311 W. Main St. is closed.

  Employees who were in the salon Wednesday night were informed around 8 p.m. by co-owner Carol Nestor that the salon would cease operation immediately.

  Employees, who asked to remain nameless, told Richmond.com they had no prior indication that the salon was closing.

  Staff who were not at work Wednesday night were informed via email later that night.

  There’s a sign on the door announcing the closing.

  Building owner and Nesbit landlord Michael Wood, who founded the salon with partner Nesbit Hatch in 1995, said he was informed of the closing via email last night.

  ”I was a little surprise that it closed so suddenly,” he said.

  Wood sold Nesbit to Carol and her husband Greg Nestor in 2007 so he could focus on his YY product line (and salon across the street from Nesbit at 2300 W. Main St.).

  ”I’ve been spending the morning helping the staff making some sense of it,” he said. “My heart goes out to them.”

  Nesbit employees said there was no time or ability to access salon records, so they cannot inform booked clients about the closing.