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[zelda ranked]Zelda: Every Sword Link Has Wielded In The Series, Ranked

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  Zelda: Every Sword Link Has Wielded In The Series, Ranked

  By Callum Archer

  Published Apr 13, 2021


  From humble starter swords to the legendary Master Sword, our hero has seen quite a few different blades.

  Kokiri Sword in Ocarina of Time and Master Sword in its pedestal in Breath of the Wild

  As a warrior with the power of multiple goddesses at his back, one of Link’s greatest strengths isn’t his access to the Triforce of Courage or his many utility items that can turn the tide of battle in his favor, but his ability to wield a sword like a master even when he’s a child.

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  Link’s ability to use a sword is just as good as a child in Ocarina of Time as it is for the adult Link many hundreds of years later in Breath of the Wild, where this incarnation of Link serves as a soldier in the Hylian army. However, while his swordsmanship skills are a sight to behold, his weapons of choice don’t always reflect this and are often quite weak?at the beginning of the game.


  deku shield kokiri sword


  There are many different starting swords in the Legend of Zelda series, but they are all as good, or as bad, as each other.

  The Kokiri Sword?in Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, the Sword in the original Legend of Zelda, the Practice Sword in Skyward Sword, the Wooden Sword that appears in multiple titles including Twilight Princess, the Fighter’s Sword from A Link to the Past, the Forgotten Sword from A Link Between Worlds, the Ordon Sword?from Twilight Princess, the Hero’s Sword from The Wind Waker, and the Recruit’s Sword?from Spirit Tracks are differently named variants on a similar damage output and serve as an introduction to sword combat for the player.


  The first sword upgrade that players can get in Majora’s Mask is woefully underpowered for the effort needed to obtain it. While it does increase the damage output of the Kokiri Sword quite significantly, it also breaks after 100 strikes, meaning the player will have to go back and buy it again once it inevitably breaks.

  The worst aspect of this is the fact that it is completely lost when Link turns back time, a mechanic that is essential to moving the story forward and makes it a waste of Rupees despite its increased damage.

  Link buying the Giant's Knife in Ocarina of Time

  The Giant’s Knife from Ocarina of Time has the same shortcomings as the Razor Sword in its sequel, though it is slightly better in that it has a much longer reach, is easier to obtain, and isn’t lost when traveling back and forward through time by using the Master Sword pedestal.

  Despite this, it breaks very easily and isn’t worth the Rupee investment, with players being better off doing the long trading sequence for the Biggoron Sword instead.


  The White Sword in The Minish Cap

  These three swords all tie for this position due to the fact that they are all upgraded versions of the starting sword, though aren’t as powerful as the swords that become available after them. The White Sword first appeared in this capacity in the original Legend of Zelda and would return multiple times, including in Hyrule Warriors as a part of Fi’s moveset.

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  The Picori Blade serves as a baseline weapon that is later upgraded into the Four Sword, while the Noble Sword is a middle-of-the-road sword from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, being able to cast sword beams when attacking but at the cost of being weaker than both the Biggoron Sword and Master Sword.

  The Goddess Sword in Skyward Sword

  A part of the main story of Skyward Sword, aside from the quest to rescue Zelda and defeat Demise, is to turn the Goddess Sword into the all-powerful Master Sword over the course of the game. While the Goddess Sword isn’t as powerful as its final form, it is still quite a bit more powerful than most other middle-of-the-road swords, especially in some of its later upgrades.


  The Four Sword in Four Sword Adventures

  Appearing in Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap, the Four Sword serves much the same purpose for Vaati as the Master Sword does for Ganon, sealing the evil being away so long as no one forgets that that is what its purpose is for.

  While not quite as powerful as the Master Sword, the Four Sword does have the unique ability to split Link into four separate beings, allowing him to, for one of the first times ever, have the advantage of numbers on his side against the forces of evil.

  Link obtaining Oshus's Sword in Phantom Hourglass

  Appearing in Phantom Hourglass,?Oshus’s Sword is the second-most powerful sword in the game and is a large step up from the previous sword?when Link uses the powers of the three fairies available to him.

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  The sword can also be upgraded with the fairy, Leaf, to deal more damage. Ciela, another fairy, also adds the ability to cast sword beams, which themselves can be upgraded by collecting Courage Gems found hidden in the game to deal more damage.


  Link obtaining the Phantom Sword in Phantom Hourglass

  The final sword that can be obtained in Phantom Hourglass, the Phantom Sword, is not only more powerful than Oshus’s Sword, but it also finally allows Link to defeat the Phantoms found throughout the game that he could previously only run from in battle.

  The Phantom Sword can also be upgraded by using the three fairies in the same way as Oshus’s Sword, though the damage output is much higher.

  Link obtaining the Lokomo Sword in Spirit Tracks

  The upgraded sword that can be obtained in Spirit Tracks, the Lokomo Sword has a very similar design to the Master Sword found in Wind Waker, though the hilt is distinctly green rather than the Master Sword’s signature blue.

  Like the Phantom Sword, the Lokomo Sword is very useful against Phantoms, though in this case, it stuns them long enough for Zelda to take them over rather than killing them outright.


  Link obtaining the Gilded Sword in Majora's Mask

  The second sword upgrade for the Kokiri Sword in Majora’s Mask is, thankfully, much better than the Razor Sword. Aside from a much cooler design and a substantial attack buff, the Gilded Sword won’t disappear when time is reset and even comes with a longer reach than the Kokiri or Razor sword, making it great for the remainder of the game.

  The Magical Sword in Hyrule Warriors

  Despite how iconic the Master Sword is in the Legend of Zelda series, it didn’t actually appear until A Link to the Past. Before this iconic SNES title, Link’s most powerful weapon was the Magical Sword found in the original Legend of Zelda and was a vast upgrade to the original sword in his arsenal.

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  Like the Master Sword, the Magical Sword can fire off sword beams when Link is at full health and was trustworthy enough to return in the sequel, The Adventure of Link, as his main weapon as well as one of Link’s many available weapons in Hyrule Warriors.


  The Great Fairy Sword in Majora's Mask

  The second most powerful sword obtainable in Majora’s Mask, the Great Fairy’s Sword is a bright pink greatsword adorned with a rose-petaled pattern down its blade that makes it stand out among most other swords in the series.

  While it is very powerful, it is also let down by how late in the game the player can obtain it, only being granted to the player after finding every Stray Fairy in the Ikana Canyon dungeon, the final dungeon before players face off against Majora on the moon.

  The Biggoron's Sword at the end of the trading sequence in Ocarina of Time

  The Biggoron Sword has appeared many times in the series, but its most well-known iteration is as the reward for the long trading sequence in Ocarina of Time.

  This powerful sword is well worth the trouble to obtain, however, as it has the same strength benefits as the Great Fairy’s Sword without the drawback of how late in the game it is obtained, as the Biggoron Sword can be obtained fairly soon after becoming an adult.


  The Master Sword in its pedestal in Breath of the Wild

  The sword that seals that darkness has become one of the most iconic weapons in all of video games, even if its design tends to change from game to game.

  With the ability to cast sword beams while at full health in most titles, with the exception of some of the 3D games, the Master Sword is often the peak weapon that Link can wield in his adventures. However, as powerful as the Master Sword is, there is one sword in the series that makes it seem like a mere stick by comparison.

  The Fierce Deity armor and sword in Breath of the Wild

  The greatsword that comes along with the enormous Fierce Deity Link form in Majora’s Mask, this?sword can only be granted by gifting the Children of the Moon every mask that is available in the game aside from the transformation masks.

  While wearing the Fierce Deity Mask, Link is able to fire off incredibly powerful sword beams, even if he isn’t at full health, and turns what was once a challenging boss battle against an all-powerful, magical creature into a joke that can be beaten in mere minutes.

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